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4 Simple Ways To Reduce The Overwhelm in Your Business

What if you could save an hour a day starting tomorrow? That’s 5 hours per week, or more than a half-day off. Imagine closing up and starting the weekend at Friday lunchtime without worrying about all the stuff that didn’t get done.

You can do that, when you put these 4 solutions in place, and you can do it right now.

4 Simple Ways To Reduce The Overwhelm in Your Business

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1. Proper project management.

I know using post-it notes on a white board is cool, and looks fab in your live streams… But they’re not shareable with your team. If you’re still managing your team with email and Skype messages, stop it. Things get lost, messages are forgotten (or never received) and balls are dropped. Not to mention all the time you spend sifting through your endless list of emails for that one piece of information you need.

Sign up for Trello today, and start putting all your projects there instead. You’ll have one place to look for tasks that are still outstanding, and be able to tell at a glance what needs your immediate attention. If you’re finding that you’re struggling with interruptions Mike Gardner from the Time Doctor will help you get this under control so you can use proper project management systems.

As an organisation, we are on many different project management systems, and I feel that Facebook should create a tool for this so that Facebook groups could be fully utilised as a project management tool.

2. Proper documentation.

Do you find yourself reinventing the wheel every time you have to record a podcast or upload a video to your blog? Do you forget things? Take 5 minutes and document the steps. Then next time you have to do it (or better yet, when you hand it off to a VA) you’ll be able to quickly work out what needs to happen. There will be fewer mistakes, and the work will get done faster and you’ll love the results.

3. Create a business organisation chart.

If you have multiple people on your team, this is essential. Rather than everyone coming to you for questions—or worse, asking the wrong person and getting the wrong answer—take the time to create an organisation chart. Add it to your operations manual and make sure your team knows where it is and what it’s for. Now, rather than your Skype chat blowing up with questions all day long, you’ll have time for the more important tasks. Adding this to our business operations manual was one of the best things we ever did.

4.Use Zero White Space Calendar and get super-productive.

Get out your calendar and start making appointments with yourself. Decide when you’ll check email and when you’ll work on client projects, then stick to the schedule. These self-imposed deadlines will not only force you to get the work done, but they’ll help keep you focused, so rather than wasting time on Facebook, you’ll be working on your business.

All of these systems can be set up in an afternoon—at least initially.

The time they save you when you use them consistently is incredible. An hour a day is just the beginning, but you have to take action. You have to put in the work first before you can earn the rewards, but the benefits are lucrative. In the end, you’ll wonder how you ever managed before you did these four things to improve your business!

What ones to you have already, and what ones are you going to put in place?


P.S If you’re overwhelmed by the amount of work that it might take to put your systems in place, then book in a free call and we can make some recommendations.

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Sarah Arrow

Sarah Arrow is the content director at Leads / Launch / Leverage, the site where superhero entrepreneurs achieve digital marketing success by focusing on just 3 simples things.

  • Sarah, I feel like I am getting a clear and resounding message from you to finally deal with my resistance to each of the above points! Message received loud and clear!! x

  • Sally Baker says:

    Such brilliant pointers. All makes great sense as ever. Not doing proper documentation is no longer an excuse! Thanjs

  • Esther Nagle says:

    Organisation is one thing I know I crave in my business and my life, but seems to be beyond me – it is one of my big resistances that I recognise in Steven Pressfield’s words “The more important a call or action is to our soul’s evolution, the more Resistance we will feel toward pursuing it.” I know that being better able to manage my time and activities would transform not only my business but my whole life! Thank you for this reminder 🙂

  • What a great blog post with lots of useful information from one of the most organised and generous people I know. Thank you again.

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