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I had a revelation a few months back – I didn’t have a signature system. I have plenty of online courses, but no signature system.  Maybe you’re in the same or similar position. In this post, we’re going to explore signature systems – what they are and how they compare to online courses. At the end, if you’d like to plan and implement your signature system, then do book a call.

What is a Signature System?

A signature system is a system is the area of expertise you have that solves challenges for a specific audience. It’s something you’ve succeeded at doing and can teach others’ to do as well. It could be in any niche, but what’s important is that it’s something you can break up into steps and teach.

For example, you’ve successfully launched a freelance web-based design service. How did you do it? You set up a website, drove traffic to it, sought out clients on forums and social media, built an email list so on. You can take each of these steps and explain how you did it so that others can replicate your results.

But Doesn’t That Sound Like a Course?

Yes it does. But actually, it’s more than a course. If we use the example above for the freelance web-based design service you’ll see that there are several elements

  • Set up a website
  • Drive traffic
  • Seek clients
  • Build an email list
  • And so on…

That would be 4+ courses and the “how it all ties together” aspect. It needs a sales funnel to organise systemise the delivery of the right leads to your signature system…

A Signature System Is Your Course Marketing on Steroids

A signature system may have other elements involved like

  • Mastermind Calls
  • Q&A Sessions
  • Mindset elements

It has elements that make it “uniquely” yours. For example, my courses often have planners as part of their content. Planners help you get things out of your head and into reality. On their own, a planner isn’t a signature system. Adding one to an online course doesn’t make it a signature system, but it is an element of one.

A Signature System is a Process

I know the word process freaks a lot of course creators out. But when you have a process that works – that gets results – then you have a duty to serve more clients by turning it into a signature system.

A signature system is a way to have an additional revenue stream with passive and active elements. It’s perfect for experts, coaches, authors and established course creators, it’s not for beginners. If you’ve not got a course, start there and then come back to the signature system!

Online Courses Are Brilliant

Brilliant for learners/students to learn something very specific. You want to learn how to get ore from your blog and crush writer’s block? There’s an email course for that… Want to have instructor-led video training? There’s plenty of those types of courses available.

Want an experience? Ah, that’s where your signature system comes in.

A signature system delivered as a signature program is a great way to boost your brand, grow your business, gain exposure, and potentially earn multiple streams of income. If you’d like to work with me over the next 12 weeks to get your signature system mapped out and ready to go, then book in a call here