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When was the last time you actually talked about your business and what you do for people on Facebook? Do the followers of your personal profile have any idea what you do for a living? Or are you on Facebook keeping up with old school friends and parent friends from your children’s school? Perhaps you’re not consistent on Facebook? Whatever is keeping you in the shadows, now is the time to step into the spotlight and grow your business.

I know you know this but it’s worth repeating: If you don’t toot your own horn once in a while, nobody else will do it for you. Don’t sit back and wait for people to find you. Be proactive and step out from behind your computer and TELL people what your business is all about.

True, you don’t want every single post to be self-promotion because that definitely gets old, dull and then totally painful; it will turn followers away from you. Instead, develop a social media plan so your posts are a good balance between personal, business, and fun.

Facebook allows at least three different ways to reach your audience and if you’re on Facebook for business, you should utilise all three because not everyone will see every single post you publish. Using three different avenues raises your odds that the people in your target market will see something of interest.

Optimise Your Personal Facebook Profile

Prospective clients will check out your profile on a daily basis if you do a good job of posting consistently and reaching out to others as friends. So, in order to grab their attention, be sure you fill out ALL the space on your personal profile page as completely as possible.

  • Add a bio – describe to your followers what makes you tick and how you’re unique
  • Add featured photos – a nice, visual way to grab attention with photos from conferences, workshops, speaking engagements, etc.
  • Add your workplace information – link to your website, Facebook Group, and Facebook Business Page
  • Link other social media profiles – under the About >> Contact & Basic Info section

Even though your personal profile is meant for personal stuff, you can certainly announce the launch of your book, post photos of your recent trip to a mastermind retreat, or talk about the convention you attended and met your favorite mentor. While these are business-related, you’re not purposefully promoting your business via your personal profile.

Create a Business Page on Facebook

The standard rule of Facebook is you use a business page to promote your business while your personal profile is meant for personal communication. So, to stay in good standing with Facebook, create that business page and optimise it in the same manner as you did your personal profile.

Business pages have come under fire recently because users complain that they never see page posts in their news feeds, even though they have liked the page. While this is aggravating, don’t give up yet. If for no other reason, you can add your website link and other contact information here and, since it’s a business page, you can talk about your business and promote your products every single day, even multiple times a day, without penalty, if you want to.

You can also run contests from your business page as well as add an opt-in offer to one of the tabs.

Consider this a quick overview of your business where your followers can decide if they want to move forward with a consultation.

Put a “Send Message” button on your business page to make that appointment booking even easier.

More and more people are checking business pages on Facebook – not to see how popular you are, but to see how active you are.

Use Facebook Groups to Woo Prospects

Facebook groups can be another great resource to chat directly with prospective clients. You can link your group to your Facebook page.

Public groups are a good way to handle customer service questions. Closed or Secret groups are best used for specialty /sensitive discussion topics, or memberships.

Keep in mind that successful groups need daily interaction from their host so they don’t forget about you but that’s easy to add to your overall Facebook marketing plan.

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Finding clients is all about building and nurturing relationships and that doesn’t happen overnight. Talk about your business, showcase your expertise, reach out to your followers, and when the time is right, they will remember your name all because you dared to talk about what you do.