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You’ve got your Facebook group hurrah! Now you have a place to call your own after adding so much value to other people’s communities.  You’ve linked your Facebook Page to your Group and you’re now promoting your group after making it welcoming:

  • You’ve popped over to Canva.com and branded up your group cover photo
  • You’ve added a description to the group explaining who it’s for
  • You’ve used keywords to attract them
  • You’ve added a pinned post with the rules and the opportunity to optin to your email list

But there’s nothing. Tumbleweed.

You’re frustrated. You don’t want to start adding your friends to your group, you know how fricking annoyed they get, but you know how helpful it will be to them. You’ve messaged a few people and invited them personally, and your group is still not reaching critical mass. You have got a business to run as well, you can’t spend all day messaging people on Facebook.

There has to be an easy way to promote and fill your Facebook group…

When you want to sell or promote something, it helps to have the audience ready and primed for the product. I was launching a series of Kindle Books on Amazon. Part of getting traction and having Amazon marketing your business book is to give your book away for 5 days and get a massive amount of downloads. You then ride the momentum and rise up the Amazon book charts. Easy, right?

Erm, wrong.

Who wants to download your book, even when it’s free? And your mum can’t even leave you a review as family reviews don’t count. I needed an audience of readers who would download my book and be happy to do so. I needed a group of readers.

I created a Facebook group for free Kindle books.

And then each day I popped over to Amazon and added a few of the books that were available to download for free. This and a nice keyword rich description attracted the first 200 members. This took about 10 days.

Next, I wrote a blog post. A truly epic resource post that’s very attractive to authors who publish on Kindle – 72 places to share your Kindle book when it’s free. In this epic list of resources is a link to my Facebook group, and each day it sends me 20-50 of the right people to the group. I now have user-generated content in the group, and people who love to read.

The group currently has 28,000 members.

Did you notice this method has zero faffing around other people’s groups, no annoying people with messages, or just adding them to the group?  This group promotional technique is an impactful way to promote and fill the Facebook group with the perfect people for you.

There’s more you can do to promote your Facebook group…

  • You can add a link to it in your welcome email when someone subscribes
  • You can add it to your confirmation pages
  • You add a link to your download pages for related products
  • You can invite existing subscribers

All of this is natural and organic. There’s no desperation (people can smell desperation a mile off) and the added bonus is you’ll find your Facebook group is perfect for your needs.

Promote your blog post as usual.

If the post is truly epic (and it needs to be or you’ll always be hustling to fill your Facebook group) you’ll find that you’ll have plenty of your audience finding your content and joining your group – all year round. You can, of course, promote the post on Facebook in the form of an advert to your target audience, pixel them (track them) and show the visitors to that piece of content an invitation to your group. Lots of people do this with video.

Fill Your Facebook Groups Strategy

There are lots of ways to promote and fill your Facebook groups with the right people. You can do it the hard way, and push, push, push or you can do it the easy way and attract in your prospects and have your blog do all the heavy lifting for you.

The Free Kindle book group has over 28,000 members, but it’s not my only successful group. I have communities made up of Facebook, Linkedin and G+ communities, and this method works incredibly well to fill groups with people who want to be there.

If you know someone, if you have a friend that’s struggling with marketing their Facebook group, and filling it with members who want to be there and participate, please do share this post with them. I know they’ll thank you for it.


PS Share this post for a great Facebook group marketing checklist. You’ll love how it helps you get into the Facebook group marketing mood.