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My chin hit the desk. Metaphorically of course. How could they say that? I’d trained this person on how to blog, they knew better… Yet here they are on a livestream telling people on how to build their email list… By adding every business card they’ve ever had to a free Mailchimp account. Now you have an email list. Now you can grow your business. Did they stop to ask if they could add that email address to their list?

Is it a legal email list?

Hell no.

There are lots of people thanking him for his illegal advice and thanking him for the powerful tips, and none of them ever asked the question as to whether they should add people to an email list without that person’s permission. GDPR should’ve been mentioned but it wasn’t. His mentor is another entrepreneur, self-taught,  also suggested the same thing on a livestream the previous week. Who teaches these people this is a great way to market a business?

People lap up this bad advice. It’s advice that can cost someone their livelihood. Where’s this marketing consultant’s ethics? That’s a rhetorical question by the way because I know they don’t have any.

Moving on to the next thing an ethical marketing consultant won’t ask you to do…

They won’t ever tell you to take someone else’s content. There’s a business coach who tells her clients that writing courses is $10 work and they only have to buy someone else’s course, change a few words and it’s now theirs. They call it content repurposing.  Only it’s not, It’s plagiarism. Its theft of intellectual property and an ethical marketing consultant will be telling you not to do this, and they would have all kinds of issues with you if you stole content.

There’s another marketing consultant who actively asks their Facebook friends for content to “inspire” their clients. They queue up with links and tips, and this is handed over to the client who then plagiarises it. I saw it happen once and I was shocked, and I also commented that I wouldn’t want my content associated with the client unless they credited the source. They weren’t able to do that apparently.

Let’s recap that last one – a marketing consultant invites people to give them links to their content. The content is given to an unknown client who takes what they want without crediting the source!

Theft of intellectual property isn’t limited to content like blog posts and courses, it also involves images.

Anna Smart shared this  marketing “hack” from a forum

“If you find images that you’d like to use then download them and upload them to
Canva and edit them however you like by adding text, icons or even your own
watermark or logo.
By adding your brand name you will help drive traffic to your site through Google

No reminder that you can’t just help yourself to images from search engines; they belong to someone. It’s copyright theft and in some places it’s actively encouraged.

The final thing an ethical marketing consultant won’t ask you to do…

Music. Like privacy theft and image theft, music theft is also popular. But there’s an issue with music that ethical marketing consultants know and the rest won’t bother with. Your music license. If you play music on your livestream or webinar, you’re broadcasting and you need a license to do this.

You can’t sell a video with Happy by Pharrell playing in the background if you don’t have a license or permission to do this. You can’t play the radio in the background… And now you know why famous podcasters and other professionals hire musicians and buy royalty free music.

There’s a saying that goes along the lines of “you get what you pay for” and I don’t want free “hacks” to cost you your business. If your marketing consultant creates images etc, ask them for licenses. Ask where they get content from, ask what the terms are for that content. All of my clients ask me on a regular basis. One of them messaged me on Christmas day after their logo license. I happily supplied it when I was back at work.

There are plenty of decent marketing consultants out there, that will advise on you on a discovery call or a low-cost consult. Don’t be frightened to invest in their advice. It’s quality advice, that won’t get you or your business into trouble unlike the marketing hackers.