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What's in an Effective Sales Funnel

Every sales funnel is different. What works for dog lovers, may not work for cat lovers. This means once you have the main elements of an effective sales funnel, the rest will be unique to your business.

For your sales funnel to have the most impact,  you’ll need to consider the offers you make. These offers should gradually increase in time to consume and investment. This is so that you filter out those who aren’t interested in working with you.

Then you choose the ways in which you will keep in touch with your prospects and further qualify them. Through your offers and communications, you should be able to get your prospect list down to only the serious buyers.

By the time you reach the end of your funnel, you should have a tribe of loyal and happy customers who you can sell to again and again, assuming you nurture that relationship. Yes, you have to follow-up.

Types of Offers in Your Sales Funnel

There are a variety of different offers in an effective sales funnel. The most common include:

  • Opt-In Gifts

An opt-in gift is a freebie usually offered in exchange for the person’s name and email address. This is the commitment point in your sales funnel. The prospect wants the gift, so they ‘opt-in’ by giving you their name and email address. You can then begin to nurture and grow the relationship with them through email.

  • Expansion Pack Offers

Expansion Pack offers are paid offers that work similar to freebies, but can actually be more effective. The key is that even though you charge for your offer, you keep the price very low. Charging for your expansion pack helps weed out the folks who just want a freebie and aren’t interested in ever working with you. If they’re willing to spend even just a £5 on a small product that can help them, you know that they have an interest in growing and getting to know your business better.

  • Subscription Products

Subscription products are low-priced but more profitable for you because you charge a monthly fee to subscribers. It can be tougher to get people to pay for a subscription though, so the content you’re offering has to be really valuable. If these clients are willing to invest in the monthly fee, they’ll be much more likely to buy your additional programs and 1-2-1 programs

  • One-Time Offers

One-time offers are great because they indicate urgency. These are offers telling the visitor that once they click away, the offer expires. In other words, they have to sign up and/or buy immediately or they will lose their one and only chance for this particular deal. Please be careful with these. Your customers are not silly. A digital product isn’t going to sell out, but a promotional pricing strategy with have a best-by date.

The way a sales funnel works is that the expansion pack offers are low-priced and low commitment. In contrast, your back-end offers gradually increase in price. These pricier back-end offers are what really qualify your prospects and tell you who really wants to get the results.

Remember your offers are delivered a number of ways – via email, via sales pages, and in content.

Keeping in Touch Throughout Your Sales Funnel

It’s important to keep in touch with your prospects. They shouldn’t only be hearing from you when you’re trying to sell them something. If this is the only time they hear from you, they’ll leave your email list.  The follow-up emails you send to subscribers on your list should always offer them helpful content from videos, to cheatsheets to exclusive training sessions. The purpose of these emails is to stay on their radar and build a relationship with them.

The first step in doing this is the ‘thank you’ page. This is a small detail, but it’s extremely important. After signing up for your list or purchasing the initial front-end product from you, redirect your customers to a page that simply thanks them for signing up and/or making a purchase.

You can also use this opportunity to make them another offer. You can use this opportunity to present a one-time offer or another expansion pack. Either strategy will help you to further qualify your buyers. You know you have a customer wants results fast if they immediately take you up on that second offer.

Think about sales funnels you’ve been filtered through yourself:

  • What were the components?
  • What types of funnels did you find attractive or compelling?
  • What components turned you off?

Write these down and consider how they will help you create your own effective sales funnel for your business.


Sarah Arrow

Sarah Arrow is the content director at Leads / Launch / Leverage, the site where superhero entrepreneurs achieve digital marketing success by focusing on just 3 simples things.