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Do you want to have more likes, more engagement and more visibility on Facebook?  If you’re an ethical entrepreneur who wants to grow your reach, this post is for you.

If you want to build an audience of loyal followers on any social media platform, consistency must be a part of your strategy.

Those that show up get noticed.

How many times a day you post is down to you and some quick market research will tell you when your target audience is most likely to be online but the key to Facebook success is to post every single day.

Perhaps your Facebook page is gathering virtual dust, and the most action it sees is the virtual tumbleweed rolling around your page? If that’s not you, and I hope it’s not,  then I’m sure you’ve seen Facebook Business Pages that are quiet because the owner got overwhelmed or too busy managing other parts of their business to keep up with posting interesting and engaging items on their page.

Even if they are the biggest, brightest and most ethical expert in their field, having a Facebook business profile that lacks information will lead prospects to question why they aren’t more active, and some will even assume you are no longer in business. Ouch.

Planning Your Facebook Posts

Instead of staring blankly at your empty Business Page, take out a calendar instead – or create a color-coded spreadsheet – and mark down weekly themes or seasonal holidays so you have an idea every month what you’ll post about. I prefer a good, old-fashioned desk diary to do this. Then answer the following questions:

  • What will make your followers engage with your posts?
  • What information do they need during the week?
  • What will make them loyal followers?
  • What posts are Facebook visual posts? (When you click through you can download a free visual content strategy in this post)

A mixture of educational, inspirational, and entertaining posts will mix it up for them but also remember to make offers to products or services. Don’t rely on subtle hints; tell your audience in your outdoor voice exactly what you have to offer and why they’ll benefit.

Need content ideas for January 2019? Share from this box and download 30 days of content ideas.

Stay Sane and Use the Facebook Scheduling Feature

Instead of sitting down every day to write your posts, become friends with the scheduling feature that’s now available on Facebook Business Pages. You can block off some time and schedule a week’s worth of posts by simply choosing what day and time they should magically appear. There’s still work involved with the writing and choosing a photo to accompany your posts but by dedicating a block of time each week and referencing your calendar for themed ideas, Facebook posting will become much more enjoyable.

If you want to cross-promote your business across multiple platforms, try using third-party scheduling software such as HootSuite or Meet Edgar. You can manage all your social profiles in one place as well as schedule all your posts.

To avoid being labeled a “spammer,” swap around the words in each post while keeping the same overall theme. The people who follow your Facebook page, will also follow you elsewhere and varying the content will help keep them engaged, and stop your messages being tuned out.

For more advanced automation, book a 1-2-1 session and I’ll share with you some simple automation tools that will blow your mind and give you hours of time back. Think about how much more enjoyable your work will be when you can schedule Facebook posts before you even leave your home.

Free Up More Time: Hire a Social Media Manager

I know it’s hard to give up control of business tasks but if you really want to grow your social following, it’s time to hire a social media manager. The benefits are plentiful: you eliminate stress by delegating to an expert; social media managers can offer posting strategies for growing your audience; you can now focus on money-making tasks. Not only will social media managers strategize with you, but they can also take over the actual content creation as well as engage with your followers. Of course, you personally need to also interact with your audience but your manager can help while you’re working on your book or preparing your next presentation, or coaching clients.

If your budget right now doesn’t allow outsourcing, don’t get upset. Plan your posts, schedule them according to plan, and remember to engage with anyone who comments or asks questions.

Just following these simple tips will free up more of your time, and help you be more consistent on Facebook.


P.S. For more marketing tips for ethical entrepreneurs check out our Facebook Page – Follow the Arrows