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As I mentioned here, blogging is my favourite way of driving traffic to my sales funnels. If someone is interested in the content I’ve created for them, the next step is to see if they’d like to subscribe, and when they do, it’s only natural that I show them the other points in my sales funnel that’s useful to them on their journey to business success.

If you don’t blog (and there are some people who don’t…) how do you drive people towards your sales funnels? Believe it or not, your prospects need to know you and know what you offer and have a desire for it in their life.

Where’s The Audience For Your Sales Funnel?

Wherever your audience already exists is usually the best place to start.

Where does your audience hang out? If you don’t know; ask. Whilst there are plenty of people who are on Facebook, remember that Facebook is blocked by many company firewalls. Depending who you’re looking to interact with, and their occupation, you’ll find that you can easily be there when she is.

It might be beneficial to survey your email list, or your customer list and ask them where they prefer to spend their time online. Despite the hype it isn’t all social media platforms. Plenty of business forums are thriving and giving advice to people who would love your services.

Social Media Traffic and Sales Funnels

Traffic from social media can be free or paid – often a combination works best. What blend of free vs. paid you use will depend on your business. Special offers are almost always shared by users and only require enough paid advertising to guide them back into your community, whereas other post types may require a more consistent budget.

Test paid advertising on social media, but only do so where your audience already hangs out. This is the crux of traffic plans. You may hear that Pinterest has driven millions and millions worth of business to a particular business, but unless your market spend their time on those sites, there’s little point in following that crowd.

Lead Magnets

When you have something to offer in return for your reader’s email address, you’ll start adding prospects to this tier of your sales funnel. This is highly effective; your audience recognises the value and shares it with their audience. They extend the reach of your campaign. If your lead magnet and content isn’t achieving this goal for your business then perhaps the next thing you need to do is book a call with me.

There’s nothing new in traffic generation, I wish there was. Test what works for you and keep doing it. Don’t chase the shiny things and miss out on what your consistency brings.

Are You Driving Traffic To Your Sales Funnel?