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How Partners and Affiliates Can Make Your Monthly Club Launch a Guaranteed Success

You may be a one-person marketing superhero but when it comes to monthly club launches, but it always helps to have others along for the ride. A variety of partners and affiliates helps you leverage your marketing and leads to a far more successful product launch.

What Affiliates and Partners Do

Your affiliates and other business partners help you to build a buzz around your monthly club and make actual sales. They promote your monthly club through their own marketing channels in exchange for a commission from sales, and you produce marketing materials, content, and training materials for them to use. Exactly how much direction you give them depends on your preferences.

The Advantages of Using Partners and Affiliates

The main advantage of doing this is that you get exposure to a larger market. With partners out there spreading the word, your monthly club can reach a wider audience.

Your partners also help you build excitement around your monthly club. The members of your target market will see your product advertised in multiple places. It will seem like everybody is talking about it. It also lends your product more legitimacy since it’s being sold at multiple outlets.

Finally, your partners act as your online sales force. You can leverage their efforts for more sales. This creates a win-win situation where everybody prospers.

How to Attract Affiliates to Your Monthly Club Launch

There are many ways to get affiliates to sell your product. Start by reaching out to any affiliates or partners you’ve worked with before.

You can also reach out to others who might be interested. One way to do this is to invite members of your audience who are salespeople or influencers. You can contact them through email or social media and explain your product and system to them.

Another good source of help is bloggers or influential people in your niche. You can reach out to new people you’re not already connected with but whose audience could use your product. Make a good first impression, and explain your product and its specific benefits to users.

There are also places where you can post your affiliate program such as:

MunchEye – http://muncheye.com/

WarriorJV – http://warriorjv.com/

JVNotify – http://v3.jvnotifypro.com/account/

When you contact potential affiliates, let them know what materials and training you’ll provide. Make sure they understand the benefits of working with you.

You should start building relationships with affiliates and partners long before you think you need to. This should be done in the earliest stages of your monthly club pre-launch. It may take time to communicate and develop a rapport and trust with them.