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If you've got a digital product and you're wanting to do a "proper" launch but you're half scared and and a quarter terrified then the Launch Tribe is for you.

Launch Tribe Interactive

Digital Product Gathering Dust?

I launched our first digital product in 2008. It was called the "Complete Courer Guide". By Launch, I mean I announced on Twitter it was live and told my 5,000 followers to go and buy it. 

How did that work out for me? Not very well...  I didn't know it, but this is how entrepreneurs launch. In fact the slow sales made me want to quit digital products forever!

Have you done this? and felt this way launching?

What if there's a different way?

What you get when you join

What's Included in Launch Tribe?

You'll join our Online Visibility Academy and go through the comprehensive launch strategy training. You will then formulate your strategy. This training is aimed at business owners with digital products

Train at your own pace

If you're a coach, a speaker or trainer we understand that you can't drop everything to attend a livestream. So you can login whenever you want to watch the training.

Online Group Support

Any questions? You'll love the group support. Not only will you get answers specific to your needs you will meet your Launch Tribe

​Practical Assignments

We're not about the theory, you'll get to complete practical assignments so you can launch...

Bonus One

​​Launch Together

When you've finished the training you'll launch your digital products collaboratively

  • Why launch alone? Our collaborative process makes launching fun
  • Pressure-free promoting - you'll love how natural this is and how good it feels
  • Make your first affiliate sales! And go on to have more passive income 

Bonus 2

Affiliate Marketing

As well as launching your digital product you'll become an affiliate and

  • Learn how affiliate marketing works
  • Gain 70% commissions
  • Discover how affiliates fit into your launch strategy and how to keep them motivated


Learn to apply Your Launch Knowledge

After the launch training, and joining the collaborative Tribe Launch you'll

  • Discover the power of tracking
  • Learn how to adjust for better conversions on the fly
  • And how to follow-up your launch activity 

Why choose Tribe Launch

why are we the best choice for you?

12 years experience in digital marketing as we had a real-world business with digital products when know the real issues you'll face

We're two very down-to-earth, ethical  entrepreneurs who launch and promote all the time. And as ethical entrepreneurs we know how hard it can be to do things that go against our grain, or our principles.  Launch  Tribe Interactive is about launching easily as a collaborative process so that you have the confidence and the systems to do this for your business. 

Thousands of satisfied students we currently have 2,300 students in our Online Academy

You can learn everything from Google Anayltics to Email Marketing to Launching as a Tribe. Our academy is a state of the art learning portal when you can study the skills you need to grow your business. And you can do it totally at your own pace.  You're not alone, and you are supported with our training. 

Unique learning formula that guarantees results our training is designed so you can implement.

  • Zero "talking head" videos (research shows that people don't learn from theses). 
  • Distraction-free recordings, workbooks, action plans, exercises
  • Plus the ocassional quiz make it easy for you to get results. 

Down to earth, British-speaking trainers

We're Award-Winning Digital Marketing mentors

From business awards to international recognition, Sarah & Kevin Arrow have been training digital marketing skills and teaching ethical entrepreneurs how to grow their business online.


Read what our Past Launch Tribers Have to Say:

Good thing you're leading the team Sarah Arrow!! However, I want to share, again, I'd never have done this if you and Kevin Arrow hadn't been leading the way and providing support for every step.  AND - I'm getting so much better at saying what I do with authenticity and conviction - because I'm saying how great the other people in the bundle are and I slip my own in there with more Ease each time!! I'm learning loads and hoping that we can meet the sales goals

Laura Donnelly, Took Part in  Launch Tribe November 2018

​the experience of being part of this has been great. Thank you, Sarah and Kevin and thank you to everyone else - it's been an amazing experience to be part of such a team.

Naomi Martell-Bundock, Took Part in  Launch Tribe November 2018

Join Tribe Launch Today

get Launch Lessons, Online Training,  Practical Assignments & Launch! All included in Tribe Launch

Tribe Launch will support you in launching your digital product and make your first sales, as well as affiliate sales. Why do it alone? Together you'll go (and grow) further.

Will I Need Anything To Make Launch Tribe Work Better?

An email list helps

Even if you don't email them often. You'll get launch email templates from us to fully customise. If you don't have an email list then you'll learn how to launch without one. This may, or may not impact your results. 

Automated delivery system

You need a way to deliver your digital product. If you don't have this then you will need to book the expansion pack to put this in place. You will see this in the shopping cart.  Your launch shouldn't involve you doing the delivery of the digital product by hand.

Unique learning formula that guarantees results our training is designed so you can implement.

You enter the training with an open mind and a collaborative heart to get the very best outcomes.

Who Tribe Launch Isn't For

Good question. If your excuses are bigger than your reasons why you do your thing, this isn't for you. If you're an experienced launcher then you won't learn anything, so this isn't for you. If you're scared to invest in yourself and your business, this isn't for you. If you're the sort of person that doesn't like to follow the process, or do the work then it's not for you.  Still here? The chances are this is the perfect way to launch your digital product, build a buyers list and work in a way that has very little pressure on you.

​You'll wish all your launches were this easy! 


As well as the interactive Launch tribe you'll gain

  • Our before, during and after sales pages so you can see the changes that increase conversions.
  • Running updates on performance -  a masterclass in motivating your affiliates
  • Email templates that you can adapt to your audience
  • Plus your customer service aspect will be delivered by us, and you'll have the incredible experience of selling your digital products collaboratively! 
  • The bonus value of the interactive experience is priceless, but if you want to put a price tag on it, it would be worth £997. 

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