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How to be More Consistent on Facebook in 2019

Do you want to have more likes, more engagement and more visibility on Facebook?  If you're an ethical entrepreneur who wants to grow your reach, this post is for you. If you want to build an audience of loyal followers on any social media platform, consistency must... read more

17 Ways to Stay Motivated After The Resolutions Evaporate, a Practical Guide + Download

Hello ethical business owner, how has your year been? If I believe everything I read on social media then it's been a tough one. You've had losses, transformations haven't gone as expected and you lost  your ability to stay motivated somewhere along the way. A new... read more

re-Branding: A Love Story

2018 was the year we brought all of our brands under one umbrella.  I have 4 main websites, and 20 secondary websites. I also have tertiary websites, of which there are many… We decided we'd bring in an external expert to help with us. This is our re-Branding... read more

Are You Driving Traffic To Your Sales Funnel?

As I mentioned here, blogging is my favourite way of driving traffic to my sales funnels. If someone is interested in the content I've created for them, the next step is to see if they'd like to subscribe, and when they do, it's only natural that I show them the other... read more

7 Types of Sales Funnel (Which Ones Do You Recognise?)

If you spend any great length of time online in your own industry, the chances are you'll have come across your competitors landing pages – the entry point for prospects into their sales funnel. Here's a quick and dirty list of 7 types of sales funnel that your... read more

What Does My Sales Funnel Look Like?

No matter what your product or service, your sales funnels have the same basic shape and characteristics – wide at the entrance and becoming narrower as the prospect moves through it. Each sales funnel is similar, but no two are exactly the same. You have many options... read more