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The Importance of Planning Your Monthly Club Launch

Launching your monthly club is always a big deal. As every superhero knows you can't just throw on a cape and have the kitten fall from the tree into your arms… There are many things you have to do before you put on your cape and start transforming lives.... read more

How Partners and Affiliates Can Make Your Monthly Club Launch a Guaranteed Success

You may be a one-person marketing superhero but when it comes to monthly club launches, but it always helps to have others along for the ride. A variety of partners and affiliates helps you leverage your marketing and leads to a far more successful product launch.... read more

5 Massive Mistakes You Make When Launching A Monthly Club

  Before a big monthly club launch, there are many moving parts and there's a great deal going on. It's hard to keep everything straight and there are bound to be at least some minor problems that seem epic as they happen. But if you avoid these five major... read more

Developing Blog Topics for Your Monthly Club Launch

A blog dedicated to your monthly club launch is a great way to spread the word about it. Long before the big day, create a blog and start populating it with content. You'll raise awareness for your club launch and also establish a good venue for two-way communication... read more