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Target Markets: 3 Reasons Why to Know Them

When was the last time you did some target market research? Hands up if you did some of this research in last week? The last month? The last year? No, if you're an ethical entrepreneur that did not raise their hand I have more questions for you... Do you know exactly...

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How to be More Consistent on Facebook in 2019

Do you want to have more likes, more engagement and more visibility on Facebook?  If you're an ethical entrepreneur who wants to grow your reach, this post is for you. If you want to build an audience of loyal followers on any social media platform, consistency must...

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re-Branding: A Love Story

2018 was the year we brought all of our brands under one umbrella.  I have 4 main websites, and 20 secondary websites. I also have tertiary websites, of which there are many... We decided we'd bring in an external expert to help with us. This is our re-Branding love...

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Are You Driving Traffic To Your Sales Funnel?

As I mentioned here, blogging is my favourite way of driving traffic to my sales funnels. If someone is interested in the content I've created for them, the next step is to see if they'd like to subscribe, and when they do, it's only natural that I show them the other...

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The Purpose of Your Lead Magnet

When you create your lead magnet it's important to understand why you're creating it; to understand it's purpose. When you know what your lead magnet is meant to do, you'll be ready to create the right ones for your business. Creating your lead magnet will not only...

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Is The Money Really In the List?

I was networking earlier this week and I was told by lots of people that email marketing is dead. Yet when I asked what made them think that, or what evidence do they have for this they couldn't give me a valid reason! The truth is email marketing is not dead. Email...

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7 Types of Sales Funnel (Which Ones Do You Recognise?)

If you spend any great length of time online in your own industry, the chances are you'll have come across your competitors landing pages - the entry point for prospects into their sales funnel. Here's a quick and dirty list of 7 types of sales funnel that your...

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What Does My Sales Funnel Look Like?

No matter what your product or service, your sales funnels have the same basic shape and characteristics – wide at the entrance and becoming narrower as the prospect moves through it. Each sales funnel is similar, but no two are exactly the same. You have many options...

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What's in an Effective Sales Funnel?

Every sales funnel is different. What works for dog lovers, may not work for cat lovers. This means once you have the main elements of an effective sales funnel, the rest will be unique to your business. For your sales funnel to have the most impact,  you'll need to...

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Following Up: For Sales Funnels That Work

You've planned out your sales funnel, you know where the content goes, and you know what your prospect is looking for... What's next? You know that emails come into it, but what do you write? When do you send them? What's next? Let’s take a look at a typical follow-up...

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How do I know if my sales funnel isn't working?

There are a number of warning signs that your sales funnel isn't working for you. The most obvious is that the visitors to your sales landing pages are not taking the actions that you desire. There are two actions by your customers that should be driven by your sales...

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Content Marketing And Your Sales Funnel

"I don't need content marketing as I've a sales funnel" a discovery caller informed me.  Now I could tell by the strain in her voice that she was at the end of the tether with calls, programs and promises of a life of ease without sacrificing your first-born hamster....

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20 Ways Others Can Sell For You

You are ready to set up your own affiliate program, but you realise that some affiliate programs seem to get better results than others. How do you increase affiliate enthusiasm and engagement, grow your list faster, and delight your affiliates into making you (and...

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4 Simple Ways To Reduce The Overwhelm in Your Business

What if you could save an hour a day starting tomorrow? That’s 5 hours per week, or more than a half-day off. Imagine closing up and starting the weekend at Friday lunchtime without worrying about all the stuff that didn’t get done. You can do that, when you put these...

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