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3 Ways to Use Video to Sell More Online Courses

You've created your online course, and you need to sell more of them. Have you thought about doing more video to sell your courses? Video is the perfect way to reach ideal clients when marketing your courses. Perhaps you think your industry will be untouched by the...

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10 Reasons Why You Need to Create an Online Course

If you're a coach, a trainer, a speaker or consultant then you'll be aware that online learning is a fantastic way to add a new revenue stream to your business. But you might be wondering why you should take the time to create your own online course. In this post...

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Your First Online Course Should Be…

Does this sound like you when it comes to creating your first online course? You begin to write a blog post, and before you know it, your “quick update” has turned into a rambling, 3,000-word novella that covers all the bases from what you do, why you do it and how...

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Online Course or Signature System?

I had a revelation a few months back - I didn't have a signature system. I have plenty of online courses, but no signature system.  Maybe you're in the same or similar position. In this post, we're going to explore signature systems - what they are and how they...

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9 Awesomely Good Course Ideas #Infographic

Here’s the number one question I hear—not only from new product creators but from experienced business owners as well: “How do I find a good course idea?”. What they really mean, of course, is “How do I find a good course idea that will sell?” No one wants to spend...

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The Ultimate Guide to Online Course Slides

Online Course Slides - If They Were Easy We'd Have Done Them By Now Creating online training is easy. But creating good online training is tricky. In the spirit of total transparency, I’ve just had a look at my own courses, and even with over ten years experience as...

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Lessons Learnt From Creating An Online Course (or 5)

Online courses are an extremely popular way of learning. I don't know about you, but each month I'm investing in online courses and training to increase my skills and knowledge. I'm currently learning sport's massage, and flower arranging. Any business owner can...

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5 Reasons Your Online Courses Aren't Selling

So many course creators think that when they've created their course it will fly off of the virtual shelves and they will be rich. I know I sort of thought the same when we launched the, I thought having a course ready would mean that all...

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Sell More Courses With Buyer's Guides

What the heck is a buyer's guide Sarah? And what's that got to with selling more courses? And is this some of that hard work you're always talking about? All these questions and more will be answered in this post, grab a hot beverage of your choice, maybe a sandwich...

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You're On Facebook? It's Time To Come Out of The Shadows

When was the last time you actually talked about your business and what you do for people on Facebook? Do the followers of your personal profile have any idea what you do for a living? Or are you on Facebook keeping up with old school friends and parent friends from...

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3 Easy Ways to Fill Your Facebook Groups

You’ve got your Facebook group hurrah! Now you have a place to call your own after adding so much value to other people’s communities.  You’ve linked your Facebook Page to your Group and you’re now promoting your group after making it welcoming: You’ve popped over to...

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Promote Your Online Courses With Webinars

You've completed your course! Woo-hoo! You're now joining the ranks of thousands of other business-minded entrepreneurs sharing their wisdom with the world. Now you're looking at promoting your courses. I highly recommend you do a webinar. Webinars are one of the...

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