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Affiliate Disclaimer

Affiliate Links

I use affiliate links on this site. I use them ethically, and if in doubt, please assume the relationship.
It costs you no extra to use an affiliate link. I may, or may not get a commission if you make a purchase. If the thought of someone giving good advice, helping you make a decision and getting a small commission offends you so much then please don't click any links on this website.

How I Affiliate

I only recommend what I've used for either myself or for a client. This means I can talk about how the product is used in good conscience. I can accurately describe how I use things and this means you can make a better buying decision.

Affiliate Tracking

Affiliate sales are tracked by cookies. This means if you click a link on this site, and it's an affiliate link, then the cookie will know it's me that introduced you to the company. Most of the time it will know. There are instances when it won't know. But me personally? I'll never know if it's you who has clicked the link or someone else. Affiliate companies don't share details with me.


Be my affiliate?

I support ethical entrepreneurs in marketing their business. I show them the systems and processes to build a profitable business. If you are an ethical entrepreneur then let's have a chat and see if we can partner up. This is where you promote my services to your audience and if there are sales you'll be compensated. If this sounds interesting, please contact me and we can arrange a chat to see if we're a fit.