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About Kevin And Sarah Arrow
  • You started a business to make a difference to the world, and now you feel like you're lost in space! There's so much you "should" know and so much to do, that you feel like you're running out of air!
  • Business was meant to be fun, so let's put some fun back into it!
  • The hero of your journey is you, and you need people around you that will support and nurture your growth. You don't want to work with people obssessed with their own celebrity... You want to be seen and heard in all the right places. We'll help you achieve your business goals.

Meet Kevin & Sarah Arrow

Kevin Arrow, Business Coach

The phrase "black sheep of the family" is spoken with Kevin in mind. He never fitted in. He knew that he didn't want a conventional job from a very early age.
He felt that if life was for living, why did so much of it evolve around following someone else's plan? Why can't you write your own roadmap?

Kevin first started a building company. It was kinda rushed because he's just quit his job. Kevin, like you, isn't a quitter so what I'm about to say next will shock you.... The story is as equally shocking, but familiar to employees the world over.

Kevin's boss promised him a Mercedes if he achieved the company sales revenue target.

Mercedes, huh? Kevin smashed the sales targets to smithereens (which are pieces so tiny they're naked to the human eye). 

His boss bought 2 Porsches and booked a month in Florida, but there was no bonus car for Kevin.  Hands up if you haven't been screwed over by your boss at any point in your career?

Kevin knew at this point he was going to buy his own Mercedes and that meant being his own boss and starting his own business.

The building company Kevin started paid enough to buy a Mercedes, but it wasn't enough for the lifestyle that Kevin wanted to live. So he set up a transport company. This was fantastic until the credit crunch arrived... And this is where Sarah's entrepreneurial journey starts...

Sarah Arrow, Marketing Strategist

Sarah Arrow is the proud pioneer of "writing what you wish to be known for" and "showing up" as well as "doing the work". She comes from a family that has a great work ethic. The phrase "work your way to success" is the family motto.  Have your own business? Not so much...

When Sarah started her journey as an entrepreneur, her husband (and childhood sweetheart) Kevin was her first client. He had a transport business that needed leads or it would die a fast, brutal death in the credit crunch of 2007-2008.

She put her skills gained in past employment (Publican, Recruitment Consultant, Manager in a PPPI in the City) to good use and helped save, and then grow the business. She taught herself content marketing because that was the only kind of marketing that fit in with raising their three gorgeous daughters! 

Sarah won all kinds of awards and international recognition. But her family still asked when was she going to get a real job?​ Because being your own boss and living the life of your dreams isn't a real thing. And she guesses that it isn't for a lot of people and she feels sad for them.

Being secretly ambitious (Sarah's British after all. This is the only place where the word "over achiever" is a cutting insult) she decided she needed some help in reaching the "next level".

So she read every book she could lay her hands on.

She booked coaches, mentors and took more training courses than you'd think humanly possible...

It was at this point she discovered that she was already doing what others could not - monetise her content. Professional coaching showed her she was a lot further down her entreprenuerial journey than she thought.

As an entrepreneur you need to be found. It's as simple as that. If you're not found for your own website how will people book you? How will they discover how to like, know and trust you?  

Book in a discovery call and we'll share why you need to be found by those people who need you and your services. You want to change the world, we'll help your message reach the people it needs too.

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What Our Tribe Are Saying

Susan Marot, 1-2-1 Client

“I really can’t believe the impact the L&L training has had so quickly.The tasks are super easy to implement and by Day 4 I had received several high quality leads and my views were at a record high.My posts are being shared so my visibility is increasing without any additional effort. I have not done any training that has had such a quick and big impact on my visibility and my business. Thank you ... ”

Steve Cole, Student 

“NLBI offers immense value, however their support is legendary and so personal that you feel like you have them physically sitting by your side for the whole journey”