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30 in 30 is THE ONLY system that Generate more leads for your business in 30 days or less!

Fill your diary with people who will love working with you in less than 30 days

 Gain more of your life back instead of wasting hours crafting Facebook updates that see more tumbleweed than anything else. 

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Because by this time next week, you will be basking in the knowledge that you are not only special but also an action-taker and an excuse-buster. Now THAT is worth every single penny!
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What are you going to Achieve with the

30-in-30 Lead Generation Process?

Generate More Leads

Not quite on autopilot but in 30 mins a day

​Sales ​Improvement

Book more calls and make more sales

Strategy + Inspired Action

A magical blend of theory and practical that works

​Audience Targeting

Laser focused marketing at it's finest! 

​Performance Boosting

You'll love how easy it is and you'll want to do more! 

Your Friendly Support Community

Surround yourself with others that want to achieve their goals 

​And much, much more... Join today!

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So you can FINALLY stop running from solution to solution, guru to guru, one fake promise to the next and finally start seeing results. When you invest in 30 in 30 , you get instant access to everything, you can start using it within the next 30 seconds and start seeing results in as little as 30 days

Here's why I am doing this: 
Because I believe someone as special as you should have access to something as special as this in order to sell more courses with’s a match made in heaven and I am just a humble match-maker! Here is what you should do next:
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About the Arrows

Kevin and Sarah Arrow first started marketing online in 2006. The internet was like the wild west back then, and wow! It's changed a lot since. One thing that hasn't changed though is the fact that you need to make sales in order to run a business. To make the sales you need a steady supply of Leads. The right lead generating system will grow your business exponentially. The wrong lead generating system will put you out of business. Ouch! 

We created 30-in-30 so that you can market your business in 30 minutes a day. And we'll show you how to create the content in 7 minutes (or less) and market it (usually around 10 minutes. You'll love how easy lead generation becomes when you join 30-in-30! So come and join us, you'll love how simple and impactful this is to your business.

Kevin & Sarah Arrow


ONE- You can decide to do nothing, and keep running after Or an SEO course or you go all out and book another guru hoping they will help you crack the code to your troubles but we both know that’s a one-way, no refund ticket to NOwhereville

TWO- You can try to solve this issue on your own…it might work…actually it will work better than what you have been doing…but something tells me “better” isn’t good enough…right?

THREE- You can get the everything included 30 in 30 the Rapid lead generation training that wins leads for your business so that you can finally Break free from the soul-sucking expensive lead generation techniques and learn to love marketing your business in only 30 minutes per day!

 even if You've never recorded a video in your life

Frankly, only one of these choices makes any sense at all especially that there is absolutely no risk..ZERO!

The choice is yours to make and you are the one who has to live with the consequences of that choice.

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