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Leads / Launch / Leverage Helps Ethical Experts and Entrepreneurs  Create and Market Courses That Sell & Transform

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Ethical Entrepreneurs: Rapidly Plan Your Successful Online Course

About Leads / Launch / Leverage

  • What if there was a faster way to plan, market and sell your online courses?
  • How would it feel to discover you CAN rapidly plan exciting online courses and finally join the online revolution?
  • What if you could create courses rapidly that didn't compromise the transformation?

As process-driven entrepreneurs ourselves, like you, we were fed up with the sleaze and hype of digital marketing. We realised that we weren't the only ethical entrepreneurs looking for ways to grow our business in alignment with our values. 

Leads / Launch / Leverage helps ethical entrepreneurs plan, create and market online courses so they can build the business of their dreams.

After planning and creating 50+ courses, enrolling 2,000+ Students, you've finally found the right mentors to build your online academy and fill it with your ideal clients!

Sarah & Kevin Arrow are the founders of the Online Visibility Academy, where they have 50+ digital marketing programs, and 2,300+ students. 

They help ethical experts and entrepreneurs like you plan, create and market online courses that sell and transform.

If you love the no-nonsense approach to growing an online business, then you'll love being a member of our community.

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The training is about taking that next step to really being a contender and counting out there.

Sarah and Kevin Arrow are skillful trainers so learning from them was enlightening and they are also very human.

It was tough keeping up. Wanting to keep up of course but sometimes feeling scared at what I need to prioritise next. The answers always just to ask though which really helps.

Check sheets and work sheets are well thought out from creators who’ve done this for themselves so they’re really relevant.

Absolutely. A game changer.

Yes I really will [launch my Monthly Club]. I know it’s down to me but I also feel I’m equipped with the tools I need now for the first time.

Sally Baker - CEO

The training was comprehensive & had everything I needed to think about, research & do. There were video trainings, checklists & workbooks & live Q&A, which all worked together for a packed 4 weeks to get the task complete. I can't believe I've achieved what I have in that short space of time. By following the structure & asking for support when needed, even the most impossible things become possible. Thank you. It's been brilliant.

Live video training sessions where I could ask questions directly.

The amount of content to get through, but that was more because I hadn't planned to create a monthly club so hadn't allocated the time in advance, & I squeezed it in amongst my other work this month.

YES! THANK YOU 🙂 As always there was tonnes of value in the course & all the support in the support group was amazing.

Yes! I've already started my monthly club in a partial way, with a plan in place to for my launch in a few weeks time. Clients already thanking me for what I've created. Thank you. Couldn't have done it without you 🙂

Tracey-Jane Hughes - Owner

Overall amazing experience!!!

The live Q & A sessions were fabulous, I gained so many new insights and much needed clarity!

Going through the work books, they are so detailed!!! It was tough to complete some of the tasks and answers some of the questions... it was a tough love (lol) I really needed to get clarity. felt like the whole course was one big bonus!

Way more value than I expected!

Alice Miriam Andreat - Owner

The training in how to build a monthly club for ongoing income was great! Detailed information (great sessions for Q&A to clarify points) and worksheets and checklists to keep me focused on the practical aspects of moving my ideas into physical form. I was ready to start thinking about making my club, but not quite ready to whip in out in 4 weeks. However, I attended or listened to the live sessions, gathered information, and just kept refining my ideas. I'm about ready to start building my site and it's based on a much firmer foundation now.

Guidance! 1) to focus on simplicity and ease of maintenance; 2) tools and platforms that people have experience using successfully; 3) inspiration and ideas shared by other members in the group; 4) balance between content sessions and Q&A sessions.

The speed - this was both a good thing and a hard thing for me. I realized right away that I needed to do a lot of foundational work - costs, finding time to manage the club (if I can't find time to build it how will I manage it?), and learning new tools (ugh!). However, because it was taught over a focused period of time, I had to buckle down and make some decisions to move myself forward. It's easy for me to stay in the idea stage and this course is designed to get your club up and running in the real world QUICKLY!

I think it's the email series - well the planners were good. I haven't gone through the gather the content part yet (I feel that's the one I need to do most and of course that's the one I skipped over!).

Yes. When I finish following through I know I'll get results. I already have interest and no sales page to point people to yet - ugh!! Several people said they would hire some VAs to assist and so that put that idea in my mind as an option as I go forward. I'm feeling a bit of a panic that the group will go away - it was very helpful to have the other members sharing ideas, their outlines, and supportive comments.

Laura Donnelly - Owner

I absolutely adore these people! If you want to know about content marketing,anything at all about content marketing, then you really do need to #followthearrows. Sarah and Kevin are so knowledgeable on their topic, are very generous in their support and encouragement, and really do 'walk the talk' of what they teach. Since I have been working with them, my confidence and ability to create and to consider myself a writer, and expert in my field has sky rocketed. I have done several of their courses, including the latest Monthly Club Live, and have benefited enormously with every one.

Monthly club Live has been a complete revelation. I have tried to create clubs in the past, but they have fizzled out because I didn't know all the steps I needed to take in order to create a successful one, but under Sarah and Kevin's guidance I know that when I hit launch I will be able to grow a club that will nourish my members and me beautifully!

I cannot recommend working with the Arrows enough. Don't hesitate, you won't regret it!

Esther Nagle - Stress Management Expert

For a long time I had wanted to put together an online training/product but had consistently put it off as I was not sure how or where to get started.
When I saw the Monthly Club Live training I jumped at the chance to do it, and I have not been disappointed.
The month-long training walked me through each step of the journey, from what my club structure would look like, how I would formulate my content, what pricing would work for my audience, and how to market my end product effectively.
In the life of my business I have never felt so supported, motivated, and able to create an outstanding product as I have done while on this programme. The training content was outstanding - the tools, practical skills, the knowledge and the fun, enabled me to get everything in place with confidence, and made it a real pleasure for me to show up and get the work needed done.
Sarah and Kevin's passion for what they do shines through at every opportunity, creating a thriving community of peer support too.
For me, the end result of the programme is a recurring monthly payment online product that I am proud to put my name to, that I have a plan in place for how I will take forward, and that is already bringing in a return on my investment - I can not recommend this programme highly enough!

Lottie Moore - The UKs Leading Mindset Coach